Monitronics Launches Alarm Response Center “Hero Award”

Alone in her home, choking on a piece of food and unable to speak or reach her nearby medical pendant, Monitronics customer Candace Lines needed help fast.

Thankfully, Lines had three guardians: a reliable security system installed by Monitronics authorized dealer Alliance Security; Monitronics’ 24-hour alarm monitoring; and her German Shepherd Samantha, who’s trained to assist Lines with daily tasks. Samantha recognized her master’s danger, reached for the medical pendant and pressed the panic button with her paw.

Monitronics Emergency Dispatch Operator Iliana Ibanez Rodriguez answered the call and took what she could hear on the other end as the warning needed to contact emergency personnel on behalf of Lines, whose husband was at work at the time. Had it not been for the family’s advanced 2GIG two-way voice keypad, Rodriguez may not have been able to clearly hear Lines’ need for help.

“I could hear the dispatcher asking if I needed help but I could not speak,” Mrs. Lines said. “When the paramedics showed up, I knew the quick response by Monitronics and Ms. Rodriguez saved my life. I can’t thank them enough for being there when I needed them most.”

For her immediate, thorough and professional response, Rodriguez received Monitronics’ inaugural “Hero Award” recognizing operators and dealers whose actions directly lead to a customer’s life being saved. As a CSAA-certified operator, she has completed more than 96 hours of classroom training and 8 weeks of hands-on mentoring that prepared her for these types of emergencies.

The Alarm Response Center presented her with a signed certificate of appreciation from Monitronics President &CEO Mike Haislip, Vice President Operations Bruce Mungiguerra and Vice President of Monitoring Operations Darin Anderson. She also received a new identification badge with the Hero Award logo and a polo shirt displaying the Hero Award logo.

“World-class monitoring and swift response times are hallmarks of the Alarm Response Center,” Anderson said. “Iliana proudly demonstrated Monitronics’ mission to protect our customers every hour, every day. We congratulate her on this award and use it as a shining example for our entire team of trained operators.”

Alliance Security, one of the nation’s fastest-growing home security companies, also received an honorary Hero Award plaque at their corporate office in Warwick, R.I.

Consistently among Monitronics’ top dealers, Alliance made Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Hire Power Awards list spotlighting businesses that are adding jobs and rebuilding the economy. Alliance is also on Inc. Magazine’s ‘Inc. 5000’ list of America’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies.

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Entrepreneur’s End Goal, Beyond the Profit


When undertaking a particular venture, the main focus when building and developing your company is to maximize your overall financial return. As much as we can turn quarterly profit into the yardstick when measuring the business’s overall success, true entrepreneurs recognize that the end goal of a company needs to go beyond the fiscal annual profit. The reason why really comes down to the underlying questions entrepreneurs ask themselves before jumping into the deep end: Why did you decide to start your company?

Elon Musk once said that, “If something is important enough, you should try it even if the probable outcome is failure.” For him, and for every entrepreneur, the idea of starting a business did not come about of wanting or needing to become a millionaire. Instead, the idea was birthed from the fire, drive, and passion of a topic. For Elon, that was science. For Mark Cuban that was sports. And for you, well, you know your own reason for starting your company. Like with any activity, you want to make sure you started your company out of passion. It is that passion that will allow you to spend those late hours at your desk or accept those financial sacrifices as something for the greater good. If, however, the goal becomes a number game, then your company can severely lose track of the uniqueness that makes your company exceptional.

Now I am not saying that you should not have financial goals. In fact, I encourage your company to set financial markers, especially quarterly to help measure the overall health of your company. But when it comes down to the long haul, financial success can only take you so far. That is why your end goal for your company needs to be bigger than itself. It needs to be its own living and breathing entity. That type of mentality and success is what will push and motivate its workers through the darkest of times. It is that overarching idea that will spark creativity and ingenuity amongst your company culture where workers are not just employees, but game changers for your company’s future.

So what should be an entrepreneur’s end-goal? How do you decide on something that will continuously trigger the transformative nature of growth and development?

For some, business leaders need to go back to the reason of why they initially started their business. For others, they need to find a new wave of inspiration that can capture their interest. Whatever is the case, you want to make sure that it is a viable, but reaching goal that can push you to your limits. Elon Musk did this after PayPal with Tesla and SpaceX. Similarly, Steve Jobs did this after his leave from Apple. Now while both were financially successful from their new ventures and decisions, the idea itself did not start with them looking to become multi-billionaires. Instead, it started with their passion and hunger in creating something great. It is that game changing mentality that allowed them to push for success and build successful companies that are true powerhouses today.

As an entrepreneur, begin by reflecting on your personal and professional goals for your business. Ask yourself those overarching questions of what you want to do and what you want to see from your company. It is these answers that will guide you to your true company vision that will engrave your company’s legacy into the future.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month : Get Off the Bench!

Part of the mission of the Ten Men organization is to provide non-violent men with information on how to stop domestic violence every day. And this month will be no different. However, throughout the country, October is designated as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” bringing even more attention to this critical issue.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month originated from a day of unity held by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 1981. Subsequent to that day in October nearly 35 years ago, advocates for ending violence against women and their children have expanded this kind of focused awareness to last the duration of the month.

While the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is active throughout

the year when it comes to issues pertaining to domestic violence, this month marks the launch of a new campaign. RICADV’s new campaign focuses on  athletes asking others to join them in the battle to end domestic violence by speaking up and speaking out.

The “Get Off the Bench!” campaign speaks directly to athletes, student athletes and college students on the quest to put an end to the pervasive issue of domestic violence by encouraging the people in those communities to take an active stand against it.

RI CADV will disseminate this message throughout the state through a variety of mediums including outdoor posters, digital ads and PSAs that run both on TV and on the radio.

Although awareness for this issue is highlighted during the month of October, it is a year-round issue, and RI CADV and other advocates work tirelessly to share this message of prevention, intervention and cessation.

To learn more about the “Get Off the Bench!” campaign, or ways that you can help end domestic violence, visit .

See the video clip below to learn more about the campaign and the broader mission of the organization.

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Home Security 101 : Doors and Windows

It’s true, the stats are troubling. Roughly 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the US alone. Of these burglaries, thirty percent of the perpetrators entered through entry points (ie doors or windows) that were left open or unlocked. Summer is the worst time of year for this type of crime, and homes that don’t have security systems are by far the most vulnerable. Those homes without the added protection of a social security can be three hundred times more likely to be burglarized than those homes that have this sort of protection. These statistics make plain the fact that all homes – (both those that have been rented and those that were purchased by the homeowner) are extremely vulnerable.

However, these statistics also reveal the fact that a few simple steps can severely decrease the likelihood of burglary. Below are 10 steps to help secure your home and prevent burglary.

Doors and Locks

Equip all exterior doors (ie those that open to the outside of the building, and to common hallways in the case of apartments or condos) with locks…and make sure that you lock the doors! As for locks, make time to research the strongest deadbolts that work with your door. Take the time and money necessary to invest in this…your safety is on the line here.

The best kinds of doors to use are those that are made of metal or have an extremely durable core. This is more difficult for potential burglars to maneuver or cut into.

As for the type of lock, a hefty deadbolt with a 1” throw bolt is a great choice.

As for the doorknob, many people often select these based on either convenience or aesthetics. However, this is another area to spend some time researching. Look for a high quality and weighty knob-in-lock set. Ensure that this high quality set is equipped with a sturdy dead latch mechanism as well. Additionally, when installing this set, don’t forget about investing in the strike plate too. This may seem like a small thing, but you don’t want there to be any gaps in quality when it comes to selecting your door and its associated components. Use three inch screws when you install a heavy duty strike plate. Also, don’t forget to install a wide angle peephole in order to get the best view of the area outside of your door. And most importantly, ALWAYS install new locks when you move into a new place. Whether this is an apartment or a new home that you have just purchased, change the locks ASAP. And always keep in mind that front and back doors are the most common point of entry for burglars in the case of residential theft.

When it comes to doors there are other things to consider. While sliding glass doors look great, they are very vulnerable. However, inserting a wooden dowel into the track or installing metal track blockers are great options.


In summer, or in warmer months, windows are an extremely common point of entry for burglars, therefore make sure to invest in secure windows, and to exercise caution when leaving them open. With this in mind, make a point to lock windows, install secondary locking devices outside of the latches. As for ventilation, leave no more than a four to six inch window opening.

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Alliance Security & Adopt-A-Family 2015

The ability to give back is a gift in itself. Alliance Security is proud of all of our employees who volunteered their time this Holiday Season to help with the Adopt-A-Family project! Alliance employees took time before and after work to shop and wrap gifts for over 50 children in Rhode Island.

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The Challenges of an Entrepreneur


The field of entrepreneurship has become an ever-evolving entity. What it was twenty years ago, even five years ago, is not the same of what it is today. For many, these new forces do not simply just make the game harder to play, but the overall chances for success that much more difficult.

To start off, many people have a very misinterpreted understanding of the reality of an entrepreneur. The glamour of the Silicon Valley tech bubble or the superstardom of business gurus like Mark Cuban forces the public to fantasize with the idea of being your own boss. As great as the title may be, the time, effort, and sacrifice needed to ‘be your own boss’ is something that is overlooked and unnoticed. It’s like what Mr. Cuban has said, “You need to work like there is someone working twenty-four hours a day to take it all away from you.”

As an entrepreneur, the challenges of building the foundation of your company take a large amount of effort and sacrifice. Starting off, the overall profession, in itself, can be isolating and lonely, especially during the beginning stages of your startup. While your friends and former co-workers have the luxury of leaving at 5 pm or attending happy hours after work, much of an entrepreneur’s time is dedicated in building and shaping their business. Their hours are not capped to that of society’s standards. Instead, every waking-minute is an opportunity for them to improve their company for their future. While it may seem like their business is a dark and troublesome obsession, the drive itself becomes more of a passion that is necessary in getting their startup over the hump of startup to company.

Now even when your company is over that hump, the overarching challenges do not stop there. Yes, some may pat themselves on the back for achieving a daring feat of making it this far. But for true business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, they look to the future. One of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs have at this point is the comparison syndrome. The comparison syndrome, to put it simply, is the act of evaluating and comparing your company with your competitors or other startup companies. This mentality often leads to mistakes and second-guessed decisions. While you should be aware of your competition, comparing your business success with others can be quite damaging for the mental and morale of an individual. As an entrepreneur, you need to be open-minded and strategic with your mindset. You need to go beyond the validations of others and look to create something based off of your vision and goals. Only then will you be able to see success.

But even if they are able to create an intuitive product, the question becomes how can you recreate and improve that product time and time again. Remember, this is still a business. You can only go so far with the same idea each and every time. Take for example Facebook. The entire design and interface of the site has changed dramatically since it launched in the early 2000s. It even continues to tweak and change its model every few months so that it can be up-to-date with the times today. As an entrepreneur, creating the company will always be your biggest hurdle. But your second biggest hurdle will be how you can recreate it again and again.

Now while these challenges may sound daunting, they should never prevent you from following your dreams as an entrepreneur. Remember, the only shots you miss are the shots you don’t take. While it will never be easy starting off, your grit and your drive will be the true game changer in creating a stronger and more impactful future.

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What defines a Leader?

The definition of leadership is often subjective. Every business owner and CEO wants to of course exemplify the necessary characteristics of a good leader. But how can you be a good leader if there is no centralized definition?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. Leadership does not have that one size fits all definition. Instead, it encompasses a variety of ideas, examples, and traits that make up a good leader. For many people, this can often times be confusing and downright vexing. But at the end of the day, it provides us with an understanding of who do we need to be at the workplace.

The one thing you need to note is that while it may be difficult conceptualizing a straightforward definition of a leader, we know a variety of examples of what a leader is not. The seniority or hierarchy of a company does not define a leader. Nor do a personal title, personal attributes, or managerial style embody leadership. Rather, a leader is a vision. They are individuals who see problems that need to be fixed and goals that need to be achieved. They manage with intent and attack with a clear target in mind. In doing so, they are able to educate, inspire, and motivate themselves and others to reach individual and company goals.

So what is a leader?

At the end of the day, a leader provides an inner sense of drive and commitment for their company. They are the ones who know how to optimize the strengths of their workers and improve upon the weaknesses of a company. They are the people that, at the end of the day, you can count on.

While the definition of a strong and transformative leader may vary, these individuals encompass similar traits that make them stand out amongst the crowd. These are individuals who have integrity and honesty. They see people and human beings and try to inspire and encourage them to move to the next level. These are individuals who are confident. They know how to make those hard-hitting decisions, but are methodical in their thinking. Last but not least, these are individuals who are positive. They understand the high moments and the low moments and the necessary steps to improve morale.

As a CEO and leader of my company, Alliance Security, I internalize the true meaning of leadership each and every day. In order to establish that efficient, effective, and consistent working environment, I try to be the person that my employees expect from me. Because of this, I am constantly changing as an individual and as a leader. I am constantly reflecting on the needs and objectives of my employees. For those of you who are looking to make that impact within your work environments, recognize the importance of these values and understand what you need to do so that you can succeed at your goals.