Alliance Security welcomed at new Cranston headquarters

Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2015 1:41 pm | 35 views

Alliance Security received a warm welcome to the city of Cranston last week when Mayor Allan Fung visited the company’s new 85 Garfield Ave. location.

As a sign of appreciation, the home automation and security company reciprocated by offering the mayor a full experience of its vibrant culture.

Upon his arrival, Alliance Security employees turned out in force to greet the mayor and his delegation at the main entrance of the renovated 60,000-square-foot facility. The fast-growing company had outgrown its building in Warwick, and started the move in May. Since then, Alliance Security has been transforming its new space into an environment supportive of its expanding workforce.

The visit kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. After being introduced by Jay Gotra, Alliance Security’s chief executive officer, Fung was met by loud applause from over 100 of the company’s employees.

“Alliance Security means a lot to our city, state, and country,” Fung said.

After presenting a citation congratulating the homegrown business whose customer base stretches across 46 states throughout the country, Fung led the ribbon cutting alongside company executives Gotra, chief marketing officer Brian Fabiano, chief financial officer Ricardo Diaz, and chief sales officer Barry Crins, who is a Cranston native and resident.

Inside Alliance Security’s stunning building, Gotra provided a broad-strokes description of the company he started in 2003 and where it is headed.

“We are all about positioning and investing in our employees and providing opportunities for professional and personal development,” Gotra said. “For years to come, our plan will be to remain true to the values and company culture that has gotten us to this point in Alliance Security’s journey.”

Business performance for the Cranston-based company is nothing short of impressive, with accomplishments that include the creation of over 600 jobs and protection of over 200,000 homes. Last year, Alliance Security had $56 million in revenue, and it is projecting over $110 million in 2015 figures.

After the discussion, the mayor and his team were taken to the second-floor sales department for an up-close experience of a daily ritual called the “huddle-up.”

The “huddle-up” is how Alliance Security’s sales department jumpstarts its day and is typically led by Crins, who engages his team with a rallying pep talk focused on goals and ways to perform better than the previous day.

The mayor and his team were then taken on a facility tour conducted by Fabiano. During the walk-through of the company’s customer service, scheduling, human resources, and marketing departments, Fabiano provided further insight into the culture, processes, and people that have positioned the home automation and security business as a nationally-recognized industry powerhouse.

The last stop of the tour was a brightly colored game room with amenities to keep employees happy – an aspect of Alliance Security’s culture and level of detail that delighted its special guests, as they peeked in on a table tennis match in progress between two employees.

Alliance Security’s new building was formerly occupied by Katherine Gibbs School and Sanford Brown, and sat vacant for several years.

“We’re grateful that Mayor Fung and his team joined us, and look forward to continued communication to figure out ways for Alliance Security to further add value to the city of Cranston, as well as other communities statewide,” Gotra said.

Alliance Security is hiring. To learn more about the company and available opportunities, visit


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