Top 5 Conferences for the Young Entrepreneur

To continue on in the vein of how networking can help improve your career as an entrepreneur, below is a listing that includes some of the best conferences for young entrepreneurs, hungry to get their ventures off the ground.

1. HustleCon

AlthoughHustleCon is only two years old, this event has already grown into a highly sought after event. Hustlecon is managed by Sam Parr, and while attendees tend toward the techie world, the event is actually geared toward the non-tech founders. The format is a less formal version TED events. This event gives attendees the chance to learn all about starting and running a business from people who have done it, and succeeded!

2.) SXSW

While SxSW may seem a little bit to cool to be an actual networking event, think again. If you are in the process of launching a startup, this could be the perfect event for you to meet people that can truly make a difference in those beginning stages of your venture. Whether it’s just getting some new insights and feedback, finding a mentor or investor or just connecting with like-minded people, SXSW is a great opportunity to meet loads of people that you might not have the chance to otherwise. It is very important, however, to remember that this event sells out very quickly and it’s difficult to find accommodations, so plan very early. SXSW takes place in Austin and hosts a festival with arms in interactive, film and music.

3.) Big Omaha– Although this conference is not as well known as SXSW, you can think of it as SXSW before all the hype. Omaha, also known as Silicon Prairie, may not have the same prestige as Miami, NY or LA, but the great thing about this particular conference is that you know that the people in attendance are truly there for the heart of the conference, not just the perks.

4.) HOBY

Although the desire to be one’s own boss as an entrepreneur can strike at any time, HOBY is a great conference targeted at 15 and 16 year old high school students. This conference is focused more on young people who hope to solution oriented leaders. However, the conferences provide a great foundational experience for teens interested in the world of entrepreneurship. Attendees of this conference spend 3 – 4 days gaining invaluable insights through leadership training and development, community building activities, service and through meeting local leaders.

5.) Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) National Conference

CEO’s National Conference is a great event for high school and college students interested in entrepreneurship – but also completing their higher education. Although many of the most well known stories of entrepreneurs often involve tales of foregoing education in pursuit of a dream or passion,this event celebrates student entrepreneurship. CEO’s National Conference focuses on the message that doesn’t really come from Silicon Valley – the idea that that it’s fine to stay in school while running your business. During this conference, a number of entrepreneurs talk about their own experiences and how they launched and developed their own ventures.

Whether you are going to a conference or just meeting with colleagues from work, remember that you are trying to sincerely connect with these people and find ways that you can help each other. Networking is not a one-sided interaction, and it shouldn’t be about using people. Keep these ideas in mind, and enjoy what these conferences have to offer!

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