10 Unique Secret Safes to Keep Your Valuables Hidden at Home

You might already have a home security system, but an extra layer of protection from burglars can never hurt. Burglars spend less than 2 minutes breaking into a home, and more often than not, they get away with it. If you can put some effort into concealing valuables in your house, you won’t have much to worry about when you’re away at work or on vacation.

We put together a list of the most interesting secret safes that are on the market or can be made with a few materials from around your house.

security solutions and secret safes for the home

1. A Floor Safe in the Kids’ Room

secret safes

Or really anywhere in the kids’ playroom or bedroom. A burglar is unlikely to waste his or her time searching the playroom for valuables. Their goal is to get in and out of the house as soon as possible without making a lot of noise. Just make sure it’s hidden well enough so that your child won’t find your important documents or cash either!

If you choose to go with a floor safe, this can easily be concealed in the playroom closet. A burglar probably won’t try to get to a floor safe – even if they find the safe, it can be heavy and difficult to open without making a lot of noise.

2. Hidden Wall Socket Safe

secret safes

Image from amazon.com

This wall socket safe is one of the more unique security solutions for storing valuables. No burglar is going to unscrew every outlet in your home to check if it’s secretly a hidden safe. You can buy one of these genius designs or make your own for less than $8.

The only negative is that it will not actually function as a light socket.

3. Hollow Book Safe

The classic hollow book safe is a fun DIY project that you can take on this weekend. Hide valuables or other items you don’t want to keep out in plain sight. For extra security, place the book on a bookshelf – only you’ll know which book is secretly a safe.

Check out the video below for easy steps on how to make your own:


4. DIY Secret House Key Hiding Spot

secret safes

Image from diyncrafts.com

Not necessarily a safe, but an outdoor stowaway spot for your house key. This is arguably more important than any of the secret safe solutions because you’re preventing the burglar from entering your home in the first place. If I had to guess where you leave a spare key, it would be either under a doormat, in a garden pot, or under a garden gnome. Sound familiar? Eight percent of people leave their house keys under their favorite garden gnome. An increasing number of burglars enter through the front door using homeowners’ hidden house keys. In fact, about 6,000 burglaries in 2014 did not require the intruder to break in.

Stop making it easy for burglars to access your house. One solution that will allow you to still keep an emergency key outside is the secret rock safe. You may have seen the plastic rocks that have hidden compartments. These are easily spotted as fakes. Instead, create a safe by gluing a real rock to the top of a container. Prescription bottles work great for this – just make sure it will fit your key and be waterproof.

5. Behind the Television

secret safes

Image from viralhomes.com

What looks like just a flat screen TV mounted on the wall doubles as a secret storage safe. This is an attractive way to hide other electronics or valuables in plain sight.

6. Quick Fix Plsecret safesanter Safe

A potted houseplant is an easy way to use something you already have to conceal cash and other valuables. Simply take a prescription bottle or other airtight container and bury it in the planter. That way you won’t have to worry about soggy cash when watering the plants. You can also use a rock or decorative pinecone to cover the top of the makeshift safe.

7. Safe or Household Good?

secret safes

Image from BeWild.com

The company BeWild takes authentic brand name, everyday items and turns them into secret safes. They are even filled and weighted to feel like unopened containers. You can choose from a container of Dentyne Gum, a Baileys Irish Cream container, and a variety of other household items.

8. Inside Your Pillow

secret safes

Image from privacypillow.com

Keeping cash underneath your mattress is an old trick, but what about storing valuables in your pillow? The Privacy Pillow double functions as a comfortable pillow for your bed. An inner pocket allows you to conceal passports, cash, jewelry, and other items.

9. Secret Stash in the Garage

secret safes

If you have a garage, this can be a great place to conceal valuables. Most garages tend to be crowded with things that we don’t use very often, and a burglar is much more likely to head to the master bedroom than the garage.

A few ideas for hiding valuables in the garage:

  • Cardboard storage box – You can even label it something like ‘Holiday Decorations’ to make it look even more unobtrusive.
  • Empty paint can or cleaning canister
  • In a potted plant

10. A Realistic Looking Lettuce Head

secret safes

Image from bimbambanana.com

One of the last places a thief would think to look for valuables is the fridge. The absolute last place would have to be a head of lettuce inside your fridge. This clever secret safe looks exactly like a head of iceberg lettuce. Definitely one of the more obscure security products out there. The fake lettuce safe is being sold for $99, so while it’s not the least expensive solution, it’s sure to deceive any unwanted visitors.

One of these unique secret safes hopefully stood out to you as an interesting solution for storing your valuables while away from home. You might even have a DIY project planned for this weekend!

Source – http://blog.alliancesecurity.com/10-unique-security-solutions-for-your-home


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