5 Effective Ways to Increase the Employee Turnover

After ensuring that employee turnover is an important factor, in the success of the organization, so here are some of the ways, which can help you in retaining the potential employees in your company:

  1. Employee Recognition:

Every employee seeks a valuable recognition. The manager can send the “Thank You” message to the employees or can call a meeting for appreciating the work, which they have done so far for the company. You can also ask for a feedback from them for the company culture or policies.

  1. Share personal experiences timely:

It is not possible to have a daily communication with every employee of the company, so that everybody can know each other personally. So the best way is to have timely get together or meetings, where everybody can get the chance to share his likes and dislikes, where one can share what he had for dinner last night. In this way the relationship between manager and peers can be encouraged.

  1. Avail them productivity tools:

No job is so easy, this is the reason they are called work. Every employee must have a tool through which he can ensure his productivity. The powerful hardware, software and apps must be provided at no cost to them, where they can track their billable hours easily. Even for a particular project, human resource documents and for sharing the documents, the employees must have the access to all of the utility tools.

  1. Offer them the Competitive Benefit Packages:

Since we are here due to our employees, so offering them some of the beneficial and attractive packages can be one of the best ideas to retain them. The health insurance, flexible working hours, disability in life, etc. can make a huge difference in their performance.

  1. Volunteer Commitment:

The company can ask to their employees, to stay for a certain period of time at their position in the company. Even by asking for such a favor where you can be assured as the guaranteed employee for at least aforesaid period of time, so as on the other hand the employee can also be ensured for his guaranteed employment without breaking certain mentioned clauses.

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Source – http://providence.storeboard.com/blogs/employment/5–effective-ways-to-increase-the-employee-turnover/658475


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