Domestic Violence Awareness Month : Get Off the Bench!

Part of the mission of the Ten Men organization is to provide non-violent men with information on how to stop domestic violence every day. And this month will be no different. However, throughout the country, October is designated as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” bringing even more attention to this critical issue.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month originated from a day of unity held by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 1981. Subsequent to that day in October nearly 35 years ago, advocates for ending violence against women and their children have expanded this kind of focused awareness to last the duration of the month.

While the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is active throughout

the year when it comes to issues pertaining to domestic violence, this month marks the launch of a new campaign. RICADV’s new campaign focuses on  athletes asking others to join them in the battle to end domestic violence by speaking up and speaking out.

The “Get Off the Bench!” campaign speaks directly to athletes, student athletes and college students on the quest to put an end to the pervasive issue of domestic violence by encouraging the people in those communities to take an active stand against it.

RI CADV will disseminate this message throughout the state through a variety of mediums including outdoor posters, digital ads and PSAs that run both on TV and on the radio.

Although awareness for this issue is highlighted during the month of October, it is a year-round issue, and RI CADV and other advocates work tirelessly to share this message of prevention, intervention and cessation.

To learn more about the “Get Off the Bench!” campaign, or ways that you can help end domestic violence, visit .

See the video clip below to learn more about the campaign and the broader mission of the organization.

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