Monitronics Launches Alarm Response Center “Hero Award”

Alone in her home, choking on a piece of food and unable to speak or reach her nearby medical pendant, Monitronics customer Candace Lines needed help fast.

Thankfully, Lines had three guardians: a reliable security system installed by Monitronics authorized dealer Alliance Security; Monitronics’ 24-hour alarm monitoring; and her German Shepherd Samantha, who’s trained to assist Lines with daily tasks. Samantha recognized her master’s danger, reached for the medical pendant and pressed the panic button with her paw.

Monitronics Emergency Dispatch Operator Iliana Ibanez Rodriguez answered the call and took what she could hear on the other end as the warning needed to contact emergency personnel on behalf of Lines, whose husband was at work at the time. Had it not been for the family’s advanced 2GIG two-way voice keypad, Rodriguez may not have been able to clearly hear Lines’ need for help.

“I could hear the dispatcher asking if I needed help but I could not speak,” Mrs. Lines said. “When the paramedics showed up, I knew the quick response by Monitronics and Ms. Rodriguez saved my life. I can’t thank them enough for being there when I needed them most.”

For her immediate, thorough and professional response, Rodriguez received Monitronics’ inaugural “Hero Award” recognizing operators and dealers whose actions directly lead to a customer’s life being saved. As a CSAA-certified operator, she has completed more than 96 hours of classroom training and 8 weeks of hands-on mentoring that prepared her for these types of emergencies.

The Alarm Response Center presented her with a signed certificate of appreciation from Monitronics President &CEO Mike Haislip, Vice President Operations Bruce Mungiguerra and Vice President of Monitoring Operations Darin Anderson. She also received a new identification badge with the Hero Award logo and a polo shirt displaying the Hero Award logo.

“World-class monitoring and swift response times are hallmarks of the Alarm Response Center,” Anderson said. “Iliana proudly demonstrated Monitronics’ mission to protect our customers every hour, every day. We congratulate her on this award and use it as a shining example for our entire team of trained operators.”

Alliance Security, one of the nation’s fastest-growing home security companies, also received an honorary Hero Award plaque at their corporate office in Warwick, R.I.

Consistently among Monitronics’ top dealers, Alliance made Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Hire Power Awards list spotlighting businesses that are adding jobs and rebuilding the economy. Alliance is also on Inc. Magazine’s ‘Inc. 5000’ list of America’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month : Get Off the Bench!

Part of the mission of the Ten Men organization is to provide non-violent men with information on how to stop domestic violence every day. And this month will be no different. However, throughout the country, October is designated as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” bringing even more attention to this critical issue.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month originated from a day of unity held by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 1981. Subsequent to that day in October nearly 35 years ago, advocates for ending violence against women and their children have expanded this kind of focused awareness to last the duration of the month.

While the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is active throughout

the year when it comes to issues pertaining to domestic violence, this month marks the launch of a new campaign. RICADV’s new campaign focuses on  athletes asking others to join them in the battle to end domestic violence by speaking up and speaking out.

The “Get Off the Bench!” campaign speaks directly to athletes, student athletes and college students on the quest to put an end to the pervasive issue of domestic violence by encouraging the people in those communities to take an active stand against it.

RI CADV will disseminate this message throughout the state through a variety of mediums including outdoor posters, digital ads and PSAs that run both on TV and on the radio.

Although awareness for this issue is highlighted during the month of October, it is a year-round issue, and RI CADV and other advocates work tirelessly to share this message of prevention, intervention and cessation.

To learn more about the “Get Off the Bench!” campaign, or ways that you can help end domestic violence, visit .

See the video clip below to learn more about the campaign and the broader mission of the organization.

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Home Security 101 : Doors and Windows

It’s true, the stats are troubling. Roughly 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the US alone. Of these burglaries, thirty percent of the perpetrators entered through entry points (ie doors or windows) that were left open or unlocked. Summer is the worst time of year for this type of crime, and homes that don’t have security systems are by far the most vulnerable. Those homes without the added protection of a social security can be three hundred times more likely to be burglarized than those homes that have this sort of protection. These statistics make plain the fact that all homes – (both those that have been rented and those that were purchased by the homeowner) are extremely vulnerable.

However, these statistics also reveal the fact that a few simple steps can severely decrease the likelihood of burglary. Below are 10 steps to help secure your home and prevent burglary.

Doors and Locks

Equip all exterior doors (ie those that open to the outside of the building, and to common hallways in the case of apartments or condos) with locks…and make sure that you lock the doors! As for locks, make time to research the strongest deadbolts that work with your door. Take the time and money necessary to invest in this…your safety is on the line here.

The best kinds of doors to use are those that are made of metal or have an extremely durable core. This is more difficult for potential burglars to maneuver or cut into.

As for the type of lock, a hefty deadbolt with a 1” throw bolt is a great choice.

As for the doorknob, many people often select these based on either convenience or aesthetics. However, this is another area to spend some time researching. Look for a high quality and weighty knob-in-lock set. Ensure that this high quality set is equipped with a sturdy dead latch mechanism as well. Additionally, when installing this set, don’t forget about investing in the strike plate too. This may seem like a small thing, but you don’t want there to be any gaps in quality when it comes to selecting your door and its associated components. Use three inch screws when you install a heavy duty strike plate. Also, don’t forget to install a wide angle peephole in order to get the best view of the area outside of your door. And most importantly, ALWAYS install new locks when you move into a new place. Whether this is an apartment or a new home that you have just purchased, change the locks ASAP. And always keep in mind that front and back doors are the most common point of entry for burglars in the case of residential theft.

When it comes to doors there are other things to consider. While sliding glass doors look great, they are very vulnerable. However, inserting a wooden dowel into the track or installing metal track blockers are great options.


In summer, or in warmer months, windows are an extremely common point of entry for burglars, therefore make sure to invest in secure windows, and to exercise caution when leaving them open. With this in mind, make a point to lock windows, install secondary locking devices outside of the latches. As for ventilation, leave no more than a four to six inch window opening.

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Warwick home security company donates alarm systems to victims of domestic violence

WARWICK, R.I. — Feeling safe at home is a luxury for most victims of domestic violence — even long after they have cut ties with their abusers.

Knowing that, a national home security company based in Warwick recently partnered with the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence to give victims that peace of mind.

Alliance Security is donating home alarm systems to clients referred to them by the coalition.

“Feeling secure in your own home is an incredible feeling, and until you’ve lost it, it’s a feeling that most of us take for granted,” Deborah DeBare, executive director of the coalition, said last week.

“I know that firsthand from talking to the families in our shelters,” she said. “Even [when someone] may not want to be in a shelter, we hear people say that they got the best night’s sleep they ever had because they felt safe.”

DeBare said that the idea came from Alliance, which approached the coalition late last year.

“We’ve always believed in giving back to the community, and now, as we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary, we felt we were in a position to do something like this,” Brian Fabian, chief operating officer for Alliance, said Friday.

The company’s executives, he said, felt that providing an added sense of safety for victims of domestic violence was a good fit with their company’s professional mission, particularly because it’s a societal problem that affects so many people.

“It’s a good cause that hits close to home,” he said. “We protect people’s homes and families for a living.”

Alliance has about 100,000 customers in 35 states, Fabiano said, with most of its customer base consisting of residences and small businesses.

The partnership with the Coalition Against Domestic Violence is still getting off the ground, and the first step is to install security systems for families that are just getting back on their feet by moving into “transition apartments” after living in a shelter, DeBare and Fabiano said.

Alliance, Fabiano said, will treat the clients who are referred to the company by the coalition just like any other customer — inspecting their residence and determining what security system is best for them.

“Actually, our commitment is to see if we can continue this commitment beyond Rhode Island,” Fabiano said. “We’d like to help as many people as we can.”

Alliance this year also made a $10,000 contribution to the coalition to support some of its education and prevention programs.

“This gives us great satisfaction,” Fabiano said. “We want to do the right thing … and that’s part of the culture we breed for our employees.

“And we certainly want to help those in need.”

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Alliance Security on State of Mind

(WPRI) — Dan Yorke State of Mind is a television program on myRITV that will tackle the issues affecting everyday Rhode Islanders – from the economy to education, local politics to the lighter side of life – this half hour show promises to be informative and entertaining.

Alliance Security, a local company that helps support victims of domestic violence with RICADV, joined Dan Yorke State of Mind on Monday, October 13th.

Dan Yorke State of Mind airs every weeknight at 7:30 p.m. and will be posted on each night.

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Home security company helping domestic violence victims

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is teaming up with a home security company to help victims of domestic violence feel safer.

The advocacy group has partnered with Warwick-based Alliance Security to offer a free year of home security service to victims moving from a safe home into transitional housing.

“What we found is that clients don’t always feel safe in their home,” said Linda Impagliazzo, Executive Director of Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center In Pawtucket.

The security system goes into the transitional unit where victims live before they move completely on their own.

“It’s something that we’re very proud of.  We feel like it is something that is necessary. It’s something that’s gone way too long without being noticed. I know it’s in the news these days but we want to do whatever we can to help,” said Jay Gotra, CEO, Alliance Security.

The first security system was installed two months ago and several have been installed since.

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10 Unique Secret Safes to Keep Your Valuables Hidden at Home

You might already have a home security system, but an extra layer of protection from burglars can never hurt. Burglars spend less than 2 minutes breaking into a home, and more often than not, they get away with it. If you can put some effort into concealing valuables in your house, you won’t have much to worry about when you’re away at work or on vacation.

We put together a list of the most interesting secret safes that are on the market or can be made with a few materials from around your house.

security solutions and secret safes for the home

1. A Floor Safe in the Kids’ Room

secret safes

Or really anywhere in the kids’ playroom or bedroom. A burglar is unlikely to waste his or her time searching the playroom for valuables. Their goal is to get in and out of the house as soon as possible without making a lot of noise. Just make sure it’s hidden well enough so that your child won’t find your important documents or cash either!

If you choose to go with a floor safe, this can easily be concealed in the playroom closet. A burglar probably won’t try to get to a floor safe – even if they find the safe, it can be heavy and difficult to open without making a lot of noise.

2. Hidden Wall Socket Safe

secret safes

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This wall socket safe is one of the more unique security solutions for storing valuables. No burglar is going to unscrew every outlet in your home to check if it’s secretly a hidden safe. You can buy one of these genius designs or make your own for less than $8.

The only negative is that it will not actually function as a light socket.

3. Hollow Book Safe

The classic hollow book safe is a fun DIY project that you can take on this weekend. Hide valuables or other items you don’t want to keep out in plain sight. For extra security, place the book on a bookshelf – only you’ll know which book is secretly a safe.

Check out the video below for easy steps on how to make your own:


4. DIY Secret House Key Hiding Spot

secret safes

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Not necessarily a safe, but an outdoor stowaway spot for your house key. This is arguably more important than any of the secret safe solutions because you’re preventing the burglar from entering your home in the first place. If I had to guess where you leave a spare key, it would be either under a doormat, in a garden pot, or under a garden gnome. Sound familiar? Eight percent of people leave their house keys under their favorite garden gnome. An increasing number of burglars enter through the front door using homeowners’ hidden house keys. In fact, about 6,000 burglaries in 2014 did not require the intruder to break in.

Stop making it easy for burglars to access your house. One solution that will allow you to still keep an emergency key outside is the secret rock safe. You may have seen the plastic rocks that have hidden compartments. These are easily spotted as fakes. Instead, create a safe by gluing a real rock to the top of a container. Prescription bottles work great for this – just make sure it will fit your key and be waterproof.

5. Behind the Television

secret safes

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What looks like just a flat screen TV mounted on the wall doubles as a secret storage safe. This is an attractive way to hide other electronics or valuables in plain sight.

6. Quick Fix Plsecret safesanter Safe

A potted houseplant is an easy way to use something you already have to conceal cash and other valuables. Simply take a prescription bottle or other airtight container and bury it in the planter. That way you won’t have to worry about soggy cash when watering the plants. You can also use a rock or decorative pinecone to cover the top of the makeshift safe.

7. Safe or Household Good?

secret safes

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The company BeWild takes authentic brand name, everyday items and turns them into secret safes. They are even filled and weighted to feel like unopened containers. You can choose from a container of Dentyne Gum, a Baileys Irish Cream container, and a variety of other household items.

8. Inside Your Pillow

secret safes

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Keeping cash underneath your mattress is an old trick, but what about storing valuables in your pillow? The Privacy Pillow double functions as a comfortable pillow for your bed. An inner pocket allows you to conceal passports, cash, jewelry, and other items.

9. Secret Stash in the Garage

secret safes

If you have a garage, this can be a great place to conceal valuables. Most garages tend to be crowded with things that we don’t use very often, and a burglar is much more likely to head to the master bedroom than the garage.

A few ideas for hiding valuables in the garage:

  • Cardboard storage box – You can even label it something like ‘Holiday Decorations’ to make it look even more unobtrusive.
  • Empty paint can or cleaning canister
  • In a potted plant

10. A Realistic Looking Lettuce Head

secret safes

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One of the last places a thief would think to look for valuables is the fridge. The absolute last place would have to be a head of lettuce inside your fridge. This clever secret safe looks exactly like a head of iceberg lettuce. Definitely one of the more obscure security products out there. The fake lettuce safe is being sold for $99, so while it’s not the least expensive solution, it’s sure to deceive any unwanted visitors.

One of these unique secret safes hopefully stood out to you as an interesting solution for storing your valuables while away from home. You might even have a DIY project planned for this weekend!

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